Saturday, August 11, 2007

O'Shea Jackson

Ice Cube - Death Certificate [1991]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 116.5 MB

1. The Funeral
2. The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
3. My Summer Vacation
4. Steady Mobbin'
5. Robin Lench
6. Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out
7. Look Who's Burnin'
8. A Bird In The Hand
9. Man's Best Friend
10. Alive On Arrival
11. Death
12. The Birth
13. I Wanna Kill Sam
14. Horny Lil' Devil
15. Black Korea
16. True To The Game
17. Color Blind
18. Doing Dumb Shit
19. Us
20. No Vaseline

Ice Cube - The Predator [1992]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 111.9 MB

1. The First Day Of School (Intro)
2. When Will They Shoot?
3. I'm Scared (Insert)
4. Wicked
5. Now I Gotta Wet' Cha
6. The Predator
7. It Was A Good Day
8. We Had To Tear This Mothafucka Up
9. Fuck 'Em (Instert)
10. Dirty Mack
11. Don't Trust 'Em
12. Gangsta's Farytale 2
13. Check Yo Self
14. Who Got The Camera?
15. Intergration (Insert)
16. Say Hi To The Bad Guy

Real or staged? I don't know, but I laughed my ass off. (1:05 min. / NSFW)


Mr Fab said...

"Death Certificate" was one of my FAVES back in the day. Good to get my old cassette replaced, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Real or Staged? It's Staged.

First off, the kid's not a very good actor. He's memorized his lines, but he delivers them like they're lines.

Second off, the camera. It's obviously NOT a security camera. And since it's steady, you know it's set up to shoot the scene, and not someone's cell phone video camera (which would shake a bit as it was held)

Third off, notice the person dusting the shelves in the background. If it were real, and there was a rowdy customer cursing at the cashier, don't you think they'd at least turn around to see what was going on?

Cute, but staged.

robbs said...

Definitely staged!! But good for a laugh. Not focused, but it appeared the lady was laughing a bit.