Saturday, August 18, 2007

Morning Luau

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Arthur Lyman - Taboo [1958]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 97.7 MB

1. Taboo
2. Love Song Of Kalua
3. Ringo Oiwake
4. Sea Breeze
5. Misirlou
6. China Clipper
7. Sim Sim
8. Katsumi Love Theme
9. Caravan
10. Akaka Falls
11. Dahil Sayo
12. Hilo March
13. Bwana A
14. Colonel Bogey March
15. Waikiki Serenade
16. Moon Over A Ruined Castle

Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset [1959]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 83.8 MB

1. Hawaiian War Chant
2. Sweet Leilani
3. Imi Au Ia Oe (King's Serenade)
4. My Tane
5. Whispering Reef Lullaby
6. Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)
7. Hilawe
8. Isle Of Golden Dreams
9. Mapuana
10. Waipo
11. Kawohikukapulani
12. Ke Kali Nei Au
13. Harbor Lights
14. Blue Hawaii
15. Beyond The Reef
16. Quiet Village
17. Aloha-No Honolulu


Greg Sinora said...

Thanks for re-upping 'skins', it certainly rocks. This is my first introduction to Arthur Lyman, so I'll be checking out both these possible nuggets. Though judging by the covers (and what I just read on allmusic), I'm sure I won't be let down. Thanks loads for the posts.



Anonymous said...

how can i download the albums ? I cant find any link :-) can you help me please?

DJ Medi4 said...

What a nice variety of tunes in this here blog! Arthur Lyman and Lords of Acid on the same page...

Lovely that it's good bitrate stuff, too. Nothing worse than picking up a great record from a blog, then having it sound like shite @ 128.

Keep up the fine work!

dj medi4

Mr Fab said...

Mahalo! I've had "Taboo" on vinyl for ages, good to finally get these digitized.

John said...

Thank you!This is my first try at an Arthur Lyman album. Can't wait.You have a wonderful blog! John V.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Appreciate your time on these

Anonymous said...

Your BLOG is filled with treasures. So thank you for posting this and for doing so in such great quality.

I greatly appreciate it! :)