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Exotica rarities from 1962

Links re-upped 4/11/07

NOTE: My thanks and praise to whoever originally ripped these vinyl goodies and uploaded them. I can't remember where I found them, it was well over a year ago. I am re-posting them for all you lounge lovers. Repeat, these are not my rips and I don't want to take credit for anyone else's hard work.

For all exotica collectors, some albums reach mythical status for their unavailability. Some albums are well known and now easily available (such as Robert Drasnin's Voodoo), others go by the wayside until some clever soul unleashes them onto the blogs. Once such album is Tropical Fantasy by Michel Magne, released in 1962(?) Magne was one of the many composers who cashed in on the Exotica craze during its apex in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and recorded only one Exotica album. You may already own all the classics by Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, and Augie Colon, and I assure you, you will find this just as indispensible once you hear it.

Steve Allen Presents Fair & Warner is also a hard-to-find gem simply because of the vocalist in question, Sandy Warner. She is that face you've seen and not heard, the seductive-looking model who graced the cover of most of Martin Denny's output, including the tranquilizing and sexy cover of Primitiva. In truth, this is not an Exotica record, it's better categorized as a pop-jazz vocal album, and Warner, as beautiful as she is, is merely an acceptable singer. Many people will want to hear this anyway simply to put a voice with that face. For a truly rare and wonderful pop-jazz vocal, I suggest the Among the Stars album, recorded by Renee Raff and currently available over at Podsville!.

Michel Magne & His Orchestra - Tropical Fantasy [1962]
Mp3, Mono, 320 kbps, 76.5 MB

1. Bahia
2. Sahara
3. Brazil
4. Perfidia
5. Peanut Vendor
6. Come Closer To Me
7. Two Silhouettes
8. Congo
9. Besame Much
10. Tropical
11. Tabu
12. El Cumbachero
13. You Belong To My Heart
14. Perhaps
15. Amapola
16. Copacabana

Sandy Warner - Steve Allen Presents Fair & Warner [1962]
Mp3, Mono, 192 kbps, 42.9 MB

1. In The Afternoon
2. The Girl With The Long Black Hair
3. But I Haven't Got Him
4. Sunshine Face
5. This Is Where I Came In
6. I'm Plannin' To Stay Right Here
7. Every Dog Has His Day
8. Siempre Manana
9. Forbidden Love
10. C'est Tres Joli
11. Mambo, Tango, Samba, Calypso, Cha Cha Blues
12. Crazy Kisses


Evan G said...

Thanks for reposting the Michel Magne "Tropical Fantasy." For the record, if you want to give credit on the initial postings, Planet X (now Xtabay's World) first posted the Magne in mid-2005. Then Roman's Easy Listening posted it shortly thereafter. Both posted their own rips, I believe.
BTW, thank you very much for putting me in your blogroll. I love your blog.
-Evan G at Mega Super Mammoth/Gravy Bread

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, link is no longer available

Mr. Baez said...

Really great stuff!! Thanks. Any chance that you could re-up the Steven Wright post? Missed it and would love to hear it. Had it a long time ago.

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Sjoerd said...

Hello, the link doesn't work. Could you fix this? I'm very curious about these two records...

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stonedpsychosurgeon said...

Wow, I really thought such a great album as Steve A. Presents F. & W. would be more known and it would be easier to find stuff about it... The day a 24bit 96khz vinyl rip of this is available, gonna be a good one.