Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here Is The Master

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Martin Denny - Exotica [1957]
Mp3, Mono, 320 kbps, 60.5 MB

1. Quiet Village
2. Return To Paradise
3. Hong Kong Blues
4. Busy Port
5. Lotus Land
6. Similau
7. Stone God
8. Jungle Flower
9. China Nights
10. Ah Me Furi
11. Waipo
12. Love Dance

Martin Denny - Exotica, Vol. 2 [1958]
Mp3, Mono, 320 kbps, 59.8 MB

1. Soshu Night Serenade
2. Island Of Dreams
3. Japanese Farewell Song
4. Singing Bamboos
5. The Queen Chant (E Lili U E)
6. Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au)
7. Escales
8. When First I Love
9. August Bells
10. Bacoa
11. Ebb Tide
12. Rush Hour In Hong Kong

Martin Denny - Forbidden Island [1958]
Mp3, Mono, 320 kbps, 64.3 MB

1. Cobra
2. Port Au Prince
3. Exotica
4. Little China Doll
5. Bali Hai
6. Narcissus Queen
7. Goony Birds
8. Sim Sim
9. Primitiva
10. March Of The Siamese Children
11. Sukara
12. Forbidden Island

A long time ago on an island far, far away... (4:14 min. / SFW)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the soothing sounds of Martin Denny

sandri said...

Thank you very much!
Are you surely that all three are mono?
Then the cover of Forbidden Island is incorrect.

Licorice Pizza said...

josh! keep it coming buddy! Nice work. LP

C-500 said...

Thanks Mr. Jaws.
It's exotica time...sweet

Anonymous said...

I've just downloaded the 3 Martin Denny Albums...and now it's time for a cocktail and the "enjoyment" of this soothing music. It doesn't get much better than this....Super Super stuff Josh. Thanks for the "exotica".

Pete the Greek
San Leandro, California, USA

yesyesyes said...

Tiki Time!

jd45 said...

Many thanks for this great stuff

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

heike said...

vielen dank


fartsuit said...

completely awesome...
except exotica vol.2 file is unavailable/broken.


Rob said...

Hello (Jawsof)Josh,
great blog here full of precious exotica's gems and many other treasures! Please, please, please (James Brown docet!) may we have Exotica II reup please?
Visit me on myfavouritesound2 I'm actually collaborating with JazzyPier & Celoduro on their blogs... and leave a comment! I'll appreciate it. Keep on the good work. Have a nice weekend! Ciao

leesa said...


I concur with the last two posters. Great stuff...

...but it seems that Martin Denny - Exotica, Vol. 2 is dead. Could you repost it please... and any more Denny that you have.


wkc said...

More Martin Denny - Thank you very much. I also would love to have exotica II reupped if possible.

helen said...

groovy :)
It's nice that Martin Denny gets a second life

MacLeod said...

Thanks so much for your introduction of Martin Denny's tunes! I'll be getting his entire collection now.

By the way, is EXOTICA, VOLUME 2 going to be available in the near future - the download isn't working?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this and in doing so in such great quality. It is greatly appreciated!

I'm just starting to get into I guess what is called EXOTICA and it seems that MARTIN DENNY is one of THE guys for the genre. So thank you for helping me to get into these groovy sounds of yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

I just said thanks because I had downloaded FORBIDDEN ISLAND (which I first discovered on another site but your version is a higher bitrate MP3 so again ... thank you for that).

However I tried to download the other two just now and EXOTICA works but EXOTICA VOLUME II is not working. I guess the link is dead.