Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Doctor from Philadelphia

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Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow...Right! [1963]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 66.6 MB

1. A Nut In Every Car
2. Toss Of The Coin
3. Little Tiny Hairs
4. Noah: Right
5. Noah: And The Neighbor
6. Noah: Me And You, Lord
7. Superman
8. Hoof And Mouth
9. Greasy Kid Stuff
10. The Difference Between Men And Women
11. The Pep Talk
12. Karate

Bill Cosby - I Started Out As A Child [1964]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 62.6 MB

1. Sneakers
2. Street Football
3. The Water Bottle
4. Christmas Time
5. The Giant
6. Oops!
7. The Lone Ranger
8. Ralph Jameson
9. Medic
10. My Pet Rhinoceros
11. Half Man
12. Rigor Mortis
13. The Neanderthal Man
14. T.V. Football
15. Seattle

Bill Cosby - Why Is There Air? [1965]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 64.3 MB

1. Kindergarten
2. Personal Hygiene
3. Shop
4. Baby
5. Driving In San Francisco
6. $75 Car
7. The Toothache
8. Hofstra

Bill Cosby - Revenge [1967]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 77.6 MB

1. Revenge
2. Two Daughters
3. Two Brothers
4. The Tank
5. Smoking
6. Wives
7. Cool Covers
8. 9th St. Bridge
9. Buck, Buck
10. Planes


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful to find. I have a couple of the originals that are beat but I can't part with them. Now I be able to listen and laugh and share the joy of this great comedian with my kids. Thank you.

Catfish Vegas said...


Media Funhouse said...

I've been one of those people who downloads your terrific posts and doesn't take the time to say thankyouthankyouthankyou. So I've done it on my own blog, and now I will do it here, for the record. Thanks for all the time and work you've put in.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great albums... They are still funny after all these years...
Jack Flash

N.D. said...

Thanks for these ones...

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen these in years, thanks

Anonymous said...

I WAS a big fan of his till I saw his live show this year. All he talked about was his wife and how they get along.
No mention of the Cosby show and the kids , no mention of I Spy.
I was very disappointed.
128. dollars US for 2 tickets.
I was robbed.
Thanks for these records. This is where he is at his funniest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. I've got msot of Bill's stuff on cassette, nad have badly wanted some MP3s. Now I need to find "Bill's Best Friend," and my collection will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You've brought smiles to many.

Calliope said...

thank you for Bill

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these Jaws, and all your hard work on your blog to uplift us with your awesome posts. Thanx again "Q"

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping these classics alive. All the best in the new year. Great Blog!

Dave said...

Thanks for these shares. My friends and I used to listen to these LPs for hours. everyone of them back then was pure gold.


DefChef said...

Very cool stuff...interesting to see (hear?) how BC has changed over the years & adapted his message to the times and the medium (LPs, films, cartoons, sitcoms, etc...) I think his themes have always been consistent, but he's changed up the delivery to suit the project. And RE the poster who complained that he didn't do old material live: if he DID do this material, then he'd just be an oldies act, right? He needs to grow & stretch & continue to create, not be stuck spinning his wheels with material from 40 years ago...which is GREAT material, but still.

Impotent Wisdom said...

I ADORE the standup from this period, especially the odder ones, like Rusty Warren. But I love 'em all. Many, many thanks for sharing!

ksn said...

many thanks! easy to forget he was SO good early on...

CodeVerifier said...

Thanks for the comedy!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with most of the posters. . I have all but one of these albums, and had not listened to them in years. They are still funny. (althought the ADHD kids don't seem to be able to follow!)

Definatly worth the time! Thank you for posting them!

Paul Troon

Anonymous said...

Sammy Davis Jr, Bill Cosby, and the Clash?? You are the coolest person ever and I am coming back to this blog regularly. Thank you so much.

John Bishop said...

Thank you, very much. Three of these are available via torrent, but the quality is 128kbps. I appreciate your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. These albums really bring back memories.