Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Explorations

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John Coltrane - The John Coltrane Quartet Plays [1965]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 116.5 MB

1. Chim Chim Cheree
2. Brazilia
3. Nature Boy
4. Song of Praise
5. Feeling Good
6. Nature Boy [first version]
7. Nature Boy [live]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'Trane...
Jack Flash

Anonymous said...

such a great coltrane post , thanks man

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Your posts are awesome. Great selections, artists, quality. Much obliged. Thank you! John - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dylan said...

I found your blog right in the middle of a huge Coltrane binge. Just what I needed. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

great collection of jazz! thank you so very much for your efforts here :-)

Raoul Ray D'Andre said...

thanks for this great and under-appreciated Trane.