Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Last Masterpiece

To commemorate the beginning of autumn. Please say thanks and please report any broken links.

Frank Sinatra - September of My Years [1965]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 89.2 MB

1. The September Of My Years
2. How Old Am I?
3. Don't Wait Too Long
4. It Gets Lonely Early
5. This Is All I Ask
6. Last Night When We Were Young
7. The Man In The Looking Glass
8. It Was A Very Good Year
9. When The Wind Was Green
10. Hello, Young Lovers
11. I See It Now
12. Once Upon A Time
13. September Song


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Always appreciate some Sinatra!

bruis said...

Thanks. I love these songs.

sfenn said...

Thanks - haven't heard this one!

vo5vo said...

This is an excellent download.
The theme is a meloncholy but so very well done.
Who else but Sinatra could have made an album like this that would sell during the time it was recorded.

goregano said...

Yeah, every now and then some Sinatra. And this one is new to me. Thanks.

The Walking Dead Man said...

Thanks for the great Frank Sinatra choice!!!


yesyesyes said...


stampy5000 said...

How AMAZING is this album??? Thanks so much.

Bassooner said...

Thanks very much for all your music. Sinatra is always welcome, this is a great blog.

Lullabye of Broadway said...

Thank you!

quinlan said...

This collection of Old Blue Eyes albums is terrific.Great thanks for it!!
Unfortunately, 3 links are dead: "Ring A Ding Ding", "Swing Along With Me" and "Come Swing With Me".
Thank you for your kind attention

Anonymous said...

A Masterpiece, all right, even if you don't like everything he did (in life as well as in recordings).

Thanks for these great posts!

Anonymous said...

Astonishing, thanks very much indeed. Beautiful summation of the great man.