Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Telling Stories from Kingsland, Arkansas

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Johnny Cash - Ride This Train [1960]
Mp3, Mono, 320 kbps, 84.5 MB

1. Loading Coal
2. Slow Rider
3. Lumberjack
4. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain
5. Going To Memphis
6. When Papa Played The Dobro
7. Boss Jack
8. Old Doc Brown
9. The Fable Of Willie Brown (bonus track)
10. Second Honeymoon (bonus track)
11. The Ballad Of The Harpweaver (bonus track)
12. Smiling Bill McCall (bonus track)

Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special [1965]
Mp3, Stereo/Mono, 320 kbps, 84.3 MB

1. Orange Blossom Special
2. The Long Black Veil
3. It Ain't Me Babe
4. The Wall
5. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
6. You Wild Colorado
7. Mama, You Been On My Mind
8. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)
9. All Of God's Children Ain't Free
10. Danny Boy
11. Wildwood Flower
12. Amen
13. Engine 143 (bonus track)
14. (I'm Proud) The Baby Is Mine (bonus track)
15. Mama, You've Been On My Mind (bonus track)

At least he's not lying to us!


Mad Hatter said...

Thank u very much for reposting Miles. By the way, you say you want us to report dead links, OK, I've got a name for ya: Mingus ;)

I love the name of your blog, makes me wanna grab some nachos.

CylonDetector2000 said...

Great blog. Any chance that "Orange Blossom Special" will be re-uploaded?