Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Overlooked Bob

Links re-upped 2/15/09.

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Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding [1967]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 77.3 MB

1. John Wesley Harding
2. As I Went Out One Morning
3. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
4. All Along The Watchtower
5. The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
6. Drifter's Escape
7. Dear Landlord
8. I Am A Lonesome Hobo
9. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
10. The Wicked Messenger
11. Down Along The Cove
12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Bob Dylan - Desire [1976]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 114.5 MB

1. Hurricane
2. Isis
3. Mozambique
4. One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)
5. Oh, Sister
6. Joey
7. Romance in Durango
8. Black Diamond Bay
9. Sara

Bob Dylan - Infidels [1983]
Mp3, Stereo, 320 kbps, 83.7 MB

1. Jokerman
2. Sweetheart Like You
3. Neighborhood Bully
4. License To Kill
5. Man Of Peace
6. Union Sundown
7. I And I
8. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight


Impotent Wisdom said...

Looks like Mr.Dylan's representatives are diligent about not having his music sampled. These links are all down. Thanks for trying, as I have heard none of these. Thanks for the eclectic selection of music in your blog. I am hearing things I have not heard before.

Cole said...

Thanks so much for these.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Been looking all over for a it! Thanks!